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As a ‘New Town’ large parts of the town have had to be developed, hence the amount of housing land in comparison to other IT’s like Peterborough, which were relatively more developed. EP sell on serviced land (infrastructure like roads put in place) to private developers. Hence, the development of land is still subject to private market conditions. Land or contributions are given to Milton Keynes Borough Council regarding obligations for schools, open space etc. Completions are averaging at about 1,700 per year (at January 2002).

residentialThere is a situation of under performance and is below the 2,000 annual average required to meet the Structure Plan requirement. Promoting the benefits of Kent and Ashford as a business location in France and elsewhere on the Continent is considered important as. although there may be advantages to forming a company in the UK compared to France, potential investors will need to overcome other barriers including language, Cooke and Neff – www.enactconveyancingsydney.com.au culture and the channel. To be promoted by the LPA through local plan policies, developments briefs, developer agreements, with the support of EA & water companies.

Phasing of development with water saving targets are met, allowing the next phase to go ahead. This will require a review of regulations and relates to developer obligations issues raised in the Planning Green Paper. Ashford Borough Council is supporting the National Cycling Strategy by improving and extending the cycle network, in particular on the ring road and town centre. It is considered that this should be enhanced and promoted as part of the design of new development as well as through policy measures which promote travel by healthy modes.

Existing cyclists and pedestrians could benefit greatly from these proposals and the provision of a safe and attractive cycling and walking environment could promote a greater share of modal split for pedestrians and cyclists. This report provides a framework for the delivery of the sustainable urban growth of Ashford. It sets out key principles that are recommended to be acted upon, and options for special delivery vehicles that provide the necessary institutional support and resources to implement the preferred growth strategy arising from the Ashford’s Future study.