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Our biggest challenges at the moment relate to working with DLO to reduce the cost of ownership of all types of major naval platforms, in particular nuclear submarines. In this latter case we are running an important programme to identify and deliver significant savings, looking at our joint enterprises and business processes.

Affordability issues, given the budgetary pressures that apply to DLO across all of its business, are amongst our key priorities. Another recent challenge has been maintaining a balanced skill base and a complete range of capability, given the low volume of competitive ship contracts to bid for and win. On the positive side, the DLO has recognised the expanded role that industry can and should play in providing support to today’s complex range of military assets, and it is working hard to get to this new vision. view detail: Enact Conveyancing Sydney

The most difficult thing about dealing with the DO over the last two or three years has been the massive range of change initiatives that have been underway in parallel, both top-down and bottom-up. I understand fully why it’s been like this, but a little more stability would help all parties. Partnering to solve problems, whether it’s via outsourcing or to deliver straightforward cost and performance improvements, is likely to continue growing. Our particular relationship with DLO will also change as DML continues to move ‘up the food chain’ in terms of the services it delivers. It will also change as our interactions with DPA develop on the back of design, supply and maintain opportunities in the prime contract arena. We work with all the major naval players in industry, BAES, Rolls Royce Marine and Thales to name just three.

We are also very focused on trying to ensure that the services we provide stay affordable. Hence the maintenance of an affordable, militarily important support service is the main benefit, which we try to deliver through the clearest possible understanding of DLO’s priorities. The event was organised by the DLO apprentice and vocational training unit, which provides pan-MOD policy and guidance for all 496 civilian apprentices currently in training, spread over 28 sites.