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The LDA is working with partners to realise the NHS Skills Escalator concept in London and is taking this forward as a FRESA flagship initiative. (see page 13), as well as developing the procurement potential of the NHS for local small businesses and developing lab space and other support for nascent life science research companies. The LDA has identified sustainable development as a strategic objective, in line with the Mayor’s vision of London as a sustainable world city. London, and the ways in which the Agency could make sustainability a mainstream issue throughout its work. find out more : E Conveyancing Adelaide – Carlton Professional


The review included inviting sustainability experts to challenge the LDA’s role in delivering sustainability. As an economic development and regeneration agency, many of the LDA’s activities contribute to sustainable development, for example through. improving access to employment for socially excluded groups, regenerating brownfield land and improving the public realm. Notable achievements during the year include the completion of the award-winning Laban dance centre in east London (see page 12). which supports the social and physical regeneration of this deprived area. Other projects include the Circle Initiative. which is piloting the Business Improvement District model (see page 18) in five areas of London and supporting a range of local. environmental improvements, including improved litter collection, better lighting and sense of security for visitors.

The LDA also funded the Green Corridors pilot initiative in west London to improve the major transport corridors into London from the west and improve the environment for local communities. Over 30,000 trees have been planted through the programme and 120 voluntary and community groups supported. Another important element of the LDA’s commitment to sustainable development is its role in developing the green economy as a source of future economic growth and employment. To that end, the LDA has identified the environmental sector as a priority sector and is developing a programme of work to support London’s green economy.

Work is particularly focused on those elements of the sector that can best help to tackle more of London’s environmental challenges and create new employment opportunities for Londoners. One example is the Agency’s support for London Remade (see page 20), which encourages the procurement of green products by London’s. Each of these funds had distinct criteria for investment and procedures for allocation. The LDA also inherited a substantial land and property portfolio from English Partnerships, along with many development projects at various stages of delivery. cc Instead of having several fixed budgets allocated to specific programs, full funding was merged into one so-called single programme budget.